The eye sees the heart speaks…paintings with heart and soul by An Luthart

It was already during her childhood when An started painting under the wings of her father and youngest brother. They visited museums, galleries and expositions together to observe other artists’ work.

After An’s children went to live on their own she received professional painting lessons at various institutions in The Netherlands. In over 10 years of tuition she mastered different techniques of painting and developed her own – very recognizable – style in oil painting. Since then, An has continued to develop her work for over 20 years, also driven by giving paint lessons to aspiring artists.

Nowadays, An Luthart is praised for her unique, realistic oil paintworks of nature settings in all their beauty and stands out by her creation of magnificent compositions and mesmerizing reflections of sunlight. An’s artwork is on a continuous basis shown in various expositions in galleries across the country.

Apart from her majestic nature paintings, An has recently begun to paint nomads in traditional culture and environment. Nomads are of great interest for An because she believes their specific traits and customs are slowly dissipating in today’s society and should be captured. She would love to travel and paint much more of such settings across the world.

An is inspired by art, old cultures and nature. She is often found in the middle of a forest, waiting for the light to shift to a point where it is just right. She then tries to capture that moment in her works of art.

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